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Here we present inventories for measuring Systems Intelligence (SI). The inventories consists of eight factors that we consider to describe the most relevant skills related to SI. The inventories can serve as a useful tool in enabling people to identify their personal strengths and weaknesses in a way that serves the whole. The eight distinct factors provide different directions in which to develop one's systems skills, allowing one to focus on one beneficial skillset at a time.

Inventories have been introduced for the following perspectives:

An overview of the SI inventories and their development is available at:

You may also be interested in the book-length description of the dimensions of SI:

Please quote and acknowledge the suitable reference when using the inventory or when making your own implementation of it.

A reference implementation of the self-report SI inventory is available at http://salserver.org.aalto.fi/sitest/en/. The questionnaire provides feedback to the participant based on how he or she scores in the eight SI factors in relation to previous participants, noting in which SI factors he or she is in the highest and lowest percentiles.

SI Inventory factors and items

The factors of the SI inventory can be described as follows:

In the self-report questionnaire, the items used to evaluate the factors are:
SI factors and items
An Excel version of the items can be found below.

Creating your own SI inventory implementation

You may use the SI inventory and the related materials for your personal use, academic research, and consulting, provided that the original article is referenced and acknowledged. Commercial distribution of the material is not allowed. All rights to the material remain with the authors, Juha Törmänen, Raimo P. Hämäläinen and Esa Saarinen.

You are free to create your own implementation of the SI inventory based on the information presented here. The example questionnaire form and formulas for calculating factor scores below should make application straightforward.

Note that analysis of the SI factor scores is best done relative to the answer population; by e.g. noting that the participant received a score higher than 75% of all participants in Attunement.

Material for self-report SI inventories:

In case you use the SI inventory in your work, we would appreciate hearing about your results and findings.