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Systems intelligence is the innate yet learnable capacity through which we engage with the diverse systems in our lives. Inspiring the reader to nurture this capability in him or herself, this book aims to help people engage with the world around them from a fresh perspective. It encourages the reader to see how we all live in a world of systems, and steps through how we can sense, think and act differently on that basis.

The book presents the eight dimensions of systems intelligence. It looks at how we can better see and understand systems through developing our systems perception. It pushes the reader to not just see systems around them, but to realize that we can often feel systems at work via attunement. It explores how reflection reveals how systems shape our thought processes and how we can develop the way we think. It reveals the systemic effects of positive engagement with others. It shows how an attitude of spirited discovery helps improve existing systems or create new ways of doing things. It stresses the skills and preparedness required for effective responsiveness within systems. It promotes wise action that allows us to work holistically with systems, to adopt a long-term perspective when needed, and to manage destructive emotions. It underscores the importance of a positive attitude to consistently act in systems intelligent ways.

The book focuses on everyday systems like families, workplaces and communities. These systems are created through our thoughts, actions and connections with others. They are systems that shape our lives, but also offer the possibility of us changing them from within.

Systems Intelligence extends the earlier intelligence concepts by considering our abilities related to living in a systemic world.

Systems Intelligence is a higher-level competence than Emotional and Social Intelligence. It acknowledges that systems and organizational structures shape our behavior and at the same time provide leverage points and possibilities for action.

We are always part of systems. We can act intelligently from within those systems.

The concept of Systems Intelligence was introduced in 2004 by Professors Raimo P. Hämäläinen and Esa Saarinen of Aalto University in Helsinki.

The reader can evaluate her strenghts in Systems Intelligence by taking the SI-test.

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