PoSITeams: Positive Systems Intelligent Teams

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What this simulation is about

This simulation, developed in the Systems Intelligence Research Group of Aalto University, Systems Analysis Laboratory, visualizes a group of "agents" - functional beings, such as you or me, but much simpler and straightforward. They are taking part in a meeting, and they are trying to achieve something. How they are doing depends on how positive they are. This is measured with a positivity ratio - the amount of positive experiences to negative experiences they have met.

Positive psychology has discovered that there are critical positivity ratio values, ones that are essential for success. When an agent's positivity ratio is at least 3:1 it will start interacting on a larger scope and is able to take setbacks better. The key for the group of agents to succeed is whether they can get a significant part of their group over this vital positivity value.

You can set up the simulation area as you see fit. On the top of the screen is a toolbox, from where you can drag different agents to participate. You can also move agents around, and remove them by dropping them back to the toolbox. Moving your mouse cursor over the lower left or lower right corner of the simulation area will enable you to see detailed information. Reloading the page will cleanly reset the entire process, so feel free to experiment all you want!

This simulation requires some HTML5 support to fully function

This means that you need a fairly modern web browser to try it out. All recent versions of the other major web browsers are fine, but as of writing this web page, Microsoft's Internet Explorer was unusable. For a better alternative browser, it's recommended to visit www.getfirefox.com.

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