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Essays on Systems Intelligence

Raimo P. Hämäläinen and Esa Saarinen
Systems Analysis Laboratory
Aalto University School of Engineering and Technology
April 2010

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Table of Contents

Preface (Raimo P. Hämäläinen Esa Saarinen)

Chapter 1. Esa Saarinen and Raimo P. Hämäläinen: The Originality of Systems Intelligence
Chapter 2. John F. Rauthmann: Psychological Aspects of Systems Intelligence: Conceptualisations of a New Intelligence Form
Chapter 3. John F. Rauthmann: Systems Intelligence as a Trait: A Meta-Model for a Systemic Understanding of Personality
Chapter 4. John F. Rauthmann: Measuring Trait Systems Intelligence: First Steps Towards a Trait-SI Scale
Chapter 5. Kalevi Kilkki: The Social System of Systems Intelligence - A Study Based on Search Engine Method
Chapter 6. Otso Palonen: Systems Thinking and Learning with the Systems Intelligence Perspective
Chapter 7. Ella Rönkkönen and Esa Saarinen: Fredrickson's Broaden-and-Build Theory, Chemical Engineering, and Systems Intelligence
Chapter 8. Anne Birgitta Pessi: Being Individually Together is Systems Intelligent: Lessons from Volunteerism Research
Chapter 9. Pia Tikka: Cinema Author's Embodied Simulatorium - a Systems Intelligence Approach

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Riitta Nelimarkka: "Mehuhäätä vanhainkodissa", "Lolly pop in the old folks home"

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