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Systems Intelligence – A New Lens on Human Engagement and Action

Raimo P. Hämäläinen and Esa Saarinen, eds.
Systems Analysis Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology, August 2008

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Table of Contents

Why Systems Intelligence? (Raimo P. Hämäläinen and Esa Saarinen)

Philosophy, Thought, Psychology, Sociology
Chapter 1. Esa Saarinen: Philosophy for Managers: Reflections of a Practitioner
Chapter 2. Jarno Rajahalme: David Bohm's "Thought as a System" and Systems Intelligence
Chapter 3. Mikko Dufva: Emotions, Decision Making and Systems Intelligence
Chapter 4. Teemu Meronen: Systems Intelligence: The Way to Accommodate Affect Control of Oneself and Others

Chapter 5. Maija Ojala: Alexander, Architecture and Systems Intelligence
Chapter 6. Miikka Niiranen: Systems Intelligent Homilectics
Chapter 7. Laila Seppä: Systems Intelligence and Our Daily Bread
Chapter 8. Susanna Rahkamo: Developing Expertise in Sports: A Personal Journey
Chapter 9. Reetta Ranne: Usability and Systems Intelligence

Systems Intelligence in Interaction
Chapter 10. Rita Lavikka and Jukka Luoma: Facilitator's Systems Intelligence in Business Process Simulations
Chapter 11. Väinö Jääskinen Infant Research and Systems Intelligence: Some Observations
Chapter 12. Mikko Martela and Esa Saarinen: The Nature of Social Systems in Systems Intelligence: Insights from Intersubjective Systems Theory

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Subject Index

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Editing assistance: Petri Lievonen, Jukka Luoma, Ilkka Leppänen, and Mikko Martela

Cover picture:
Riitta Nelimarkka: "Magneetin Kosto", "The Revenge of The Magnet"

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