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Publications and Material in 2003

E. Saarinen, R.P. Hämäläinen and S. Turunen: Systems Intelligence A Programmatic Outline. Manuscript (pdf-file)

T. Bäckström, V. Brummer, T. Kling and P. Siitonen (eds.): Systems Intelligence! Systems Analysis Laboratory Research Reports, B23, April 2003.

At the Seminar on the creative problem solving in 2002 the concept of Systems Intelligence was first introduced. The student research essays exploring the concept have been published in Finnish in this report Systeemiäly!

The abstracts of the essays and the foreword are available also in English:

    1 One-wayticket to systems intelligence - Sakari Turunen
    2 Five windows to systems intelligence - Mikko Myllys
    3 The tail of systems intelligence - Paula Siitonen
    4 Systemsintelligence and family life - Juha Kähkönen
    5 Systemsintelligence within the context of global economy - Antti Hovila
    6 On the systems intelligence of Sun Tzu - Matti Knaapila
    7 Dialogue as Systems Intelligence - What is Systems intelligence? - Sebastian Slotte
    8 Systemsintelligence dynamics - Ari Korhonen
    9 Systemsintelligent way of life - Terhi Kling
    10 Resolutions of systems intelligence - Liina Saarinen
    11 The need for systems intelligence - Ville Brummer
    12 Systems intelligence is happiness - Tom Bäckström


Vanhus ja Systeemiäly (ppt-file)
Vanhus ja Systeemiäly (ppt-file 95 & 97)